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Enter the Realm of the Second Death…

With a dark power at her command, will Jessie Hailey leave her tortured life behind, or take revenge? Find out for FREE.

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One group stands in the way of Jessie and her evil plan—The Watchers.

Spellbound by the King of the Fallen, and with Arraziel at her command, Jessie travels to Chicago to build an army and free the monstrous King of the Fallen from the Realm of Second Death. Will she succeed, or will Frank Bishop and the Order of the Watchers stop her before she unleashes an ancient evil to bring hell on Earth?

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My best collection of contemporary horror stories to indulge your darker side. These seven terrifying tales will lead you down a twisted path of horror, suspense, and revenge. Includes the story, Arraziel, that spawned the Realm of the Second Death Series. Book 1 coming in 2016.


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Mosaic is a collection of short stories and poetry ranging from serious to light-hearted. Featuring my YA Sci-Fi Short Story Adventure, The Passing. Follow Griffin on his journey to the top of a mystic mountain where he learns about life and the true history of humans on Earth. Inspired by The Story Cartel class, each author brings their own unique style, offering something for everyone.

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It wasn’t the first time Toby was unfairly punished by Ms. Dunmaster for a minor infraction at the Dunmaster Academy orphanage, but it would be the last. Toby finds his way out sooner then he expects when the tentacles of justice coil their way around Ms. Dunmaster and the Dunmaster Academy.

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Billy Mason is being chased by his tormenter, John Baker, again. Stuck between a literal rock and a hard place, with no way to escape, Billy gets some other worldly help with his bully. John Baker won’t be bothering him anymore.

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Brian was born in Brooklyn, NY and now lives just outside of New York City with his wife, who is far too good for him, and his two vivacious boys who challenge his Jedi and light-saber skills on a regular basis.

In an effort to escape the cube farm where he works, Brian decided to follow his passion for writing, and published two books in 2015. He hasn’t managed to escape yet, but he’s patient, and chips away at his dream daily.

The Monsters & Demons Horror Anthology he wrote in 2015 spawned the Second Death Series based on the story, “Arraziel”, from the collection. “Arraziel” was rewritten into a novella called, Rising: A Second Death Novella, which is currently free on Amazon.

Watchers of the Fallen is Book One of the Second Death Series and picks up where Rising leaves off. There are two more books planned in the series. Book two will be released in 2016, and Book three in early 2017.

Brian also enjoys American football, BBQ, 80’s Rock, craft beer, and the occasional small batch bourbon – not in that order specifically, though he wouldn’t complain about that sequence either.

Brian loves hearing from fans, so if you feel like it, you can drop him a note in the Contact section below. He answers all emails himself.

Mencken and the Monsters

I made fantastic friends during Joe Bunting’s Story Cartel writing course in 2014. Today, I want to introduce you to one of them: Jeff Elkins. When Jeff isn’t busy with his five kids or working his day job, he’s running Short Fiction Break,... read more


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