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Frank Bishop has been at war with fallen angels since he was five-years-old. That’s when they first tried to kill him.

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Wounded and war-weary, Frank Bishop returns to New York City where a boy could fulfill a six-thousand-year old prophecy and save the world from Armageddon.

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The war between the Watchers and the Fallen is here, and the world is on brink of destruction…

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Jessie will have her revenge, and unleash evil the world has not seen in centuries…

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My best collection of contemporary horror stories to indulge your darker side. These seven terrifying tales will lead you down a twisted path of horror, suspense, and revenge. Includes the story, Arraziel, that spawned the Realm of the Second Death Series. Book 1 coming in 2016.


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Mosaic is a collection of short stories and poetry ranging from serious to light-hearted. Featuring my YA Sci-Fi Short Story Adventure, The Passing. Follow Griffin on his journey to the top of a mystic mountain where he learns about life and the true history of humans on Earth. Inspired by The Story Cartel class, each author brings their own unique style, offering something for everyone.

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Brian lives in New York with his wife, who is far too good for him, and his two vivacious young boys who challenge his light-saber skills daily. Most of his writing is done on the train to the cube farm where he works so he can buy stuff and support his family while he pursues writing fiction as a career. He hopes to write from his beachfront property overlooking the Mare Tranquillitatis one day.

Brian’s Monsters & Demons Horror Anthology was published in 2015 and spawned the Second Death Series based on the short story, “Arraziel”, from the collection. “Arraziel” was rewritten into a novella called, Rising: The Second Death Prequel, which is currently free on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and B&N.

Watchers of the Fallen is Book One of the Second Death Series and picks up where Rising left off. Queen of the Fallen: Book Two of the Second Death was published in 2016, and Book three will be released on October 10, 2017.

Brian also enjoys American football, BBQ, 80’s Rock, craft beer, and the occasional small batch bourbon – not in that order specifically, but he wouldn’t complain about that sequence either.

Brian loves hearing from fans, so if you feel like it, you can drop him a note in the Contact section below. He answers all emails himself.


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